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SAP Business One Streamline Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd’s Production Process

Published: May 17, 2023  |   | 
SAP Business One Streamline Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd's Production Process

Managing small-scale organisations is challenging, especially in today's competitive business landscape. Often, fundamental business operations such as inventory management production process and customer relationship management lack efficiency.

To ensure optimal utilisation of resources and meet customer demands, modern organisations are leveraging the power of intelligent and highly-scalable SAP ERP solutions such as SAP Business One. One such company is Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd.

About Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd

Established in 2005 in India, Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd is a leading plastic manufacturing company specialising in producing high-quality plastic products for various industries. Today it has become a major player in the market.

Challenges faced by Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd

Despite being in the industry for several years, Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd started noticing gaps in its key business operations, which was affecting its profitability and position in the market. Upon thorough investigation, it was revealed that the company was facing three key challenges due to the lack of a modern ERP system. The three challenges were.

Challenges faced by Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd
  • Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd was dealing with inefficient production processes, which was increasing their overhead cost and diminishing the team's productivity.
  • They also had minimal control and overview of their inventory. They also struggled with managing and tracking the company's stock.
  • Since they had almost no visibility of their inventory, they would often be understocked as they could not fulfil the customer demands on time

These three challenges collectively led to other problems that inhibited the company's growth and revenue.

What motivated Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd to shift to an ERP solution?

Despite these challenges, Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd envisioned becoming a market leader in manufacturing plastic products. These three factors were their biggest motivation to change:

  • Improve their competitiveness in the market.
  • Stay relevant in the industry.
  • Increase their revenue and profit.
  • Serve their customers and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The company recognised the need to streamline its operations Their motivation led them to collaborate with Silver Touch Technologies, an SAP ERP Partner in India.

Solutions offered by SAP Business One

After evaluating the company's immediate and long-term business needs, Silver Touch Technologies advised them to implement SAP Business One, a comprehensive SAP ERP solution designed to automate and streamline key business processes, including production, inventory management, and financial reporting.

 Inventory management

With SAP Business One, manufacturing firms such as Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd will have accurate information regarding their needs and future projection of how much more will be needed. It will also track real-time data and efficient stock selection and delivery processes.

 Financial Management

Huge costs are associated with manufacturing projects, and tracking them every day is very important to ensure that the funds are appropriately utilised and eliminate the waste of financial resources. This aids in the management and tracking of all financial transactions of your firm.

 Supply chain management

SAP ERP implementation simplifies procurement tasks like purchase orders, request management & tender management. It also streamlines vendor portal, rating & payment milestones.

 Project management

SAP Business One covers all aspects of project management, from the start of the project to the end. With the help of SAP ERP Solution, Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd can track the maintenance and support of ongoing orders, job station time recording, sub-contracting, human resources management, resource utility, and much more.

The Benefits of implementing SAP Business One

Implementing SAP Business, One solution helped Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd overcome the organisational challenges and focus on growth. Here is how Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd benefitted from SAP Business implementation:

  • The system has improved the company's visibility into its operations.
  • It allows the management to make more informed decisions.
  • It has also streamlined the production process.
  • It has increased efficiency and lowered costs.
  • In addition, the inventory management system has improved the accuracy of inventory tracking and reduced the risk of stock shortages.

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Why choose SAP Business One?

As a small or mid-sized business, if you are looking for an SAP ERP Solution is the ideal choice for you. It comes with several capabilities that assist you in building a more productive and efficient workspace. Here are four reasons why SAP Business One was recommended to Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd:

Why choose SAP Business One?
  • The ERP increased the company's revenue with lower TCO (Total Cost Ownership).
  • It played a significant role in enhancing the efficiency throughout the organisation.
  • SAP Business Solution also improved the accuracy of key business processes.
  • This is a flexible and scalable ERP solution. Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd can use it to scale up its business growth, and the software is expandable through add-ons and customisations as the company grows in the future.

Considering the present challenges and anticipating the future roadmap of the plastic company, Silver Touch Technologies suggested Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd implement SAP Business One.

How can Silver Touch Technologies help your business?

In the end, the collaboration between Silver Touch Technologies and Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd proved to be a successful venture. Just like Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd, Silver Touch Technologies is a leading market player in the ERP sector. Are you still looking for an SAP Business One Partner in India?

Six reasons for choosing Silver Touch Technologies as your SAP implementation partner

  • We deliver high-quality solutions to improve your business operations.
  • Silver Touch's team of experts provided excellent support to Kelvin Plastics Pvt Ltd throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the new system.
  • Silver Touch Technologies has been a leading and internationally recognised SAP service provider for the last 25 years.
  • We have worked with more than 2000 clients across multiple domains.
  • We have a pool of 3000+ skilled IT professionals who ensure a smooth and hassle-free SAP implementation and offer the best SAP consultation services.
  • Silver Touch Technologies also offer post-implementation maintenance services and further assistance to design, install and integrate.

Want to know how we can help your business? Silver Touch Technologies is just a call away. Contact us today and leverage our years of industry experience for your business.


What are the benefits of using SAP Business One?
SAP Business One provides businesses with a variety of benefits, including improved visibility and control over business processes, streamlined operations, better decision-making capabilities, and increased efficiency and productivity.
What features does SAP Business One include?
SAP Business One includes a range of features, such as financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and supplier management, inventory management, production management, and reporting and analytics.
How much does SAP Business cost?
The cost of SAP Business One can vary depending on factors such as the number of users, the deployment option chosen, and the specific features required. It's best to contact an SAP Business provider for a quote.
What are SAP consulting services?
SAP consulting services are professional services that help businesses implement, maintain, and optimize their SAP software solutions. These services can include implementation, migration, customization, training, support, and optimization of SAP software.

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