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Five ways for Midsize Companies to grow business with SAP Business One

Published: Jul 14, 2021  |   | 
Five ways for Midsize Companies to grow business with SAP Business One

In recent years, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have faced tremendous competition and many challenges. Traditional ERP systems for SMBs have become obsolete as they just cannot cope with the current business scenario. SAP Business One, is an advanced ERP system with a capability of addressing growing business challenges. As a robust and long-standing solution, over 65000 SMEs trust SAP Business One globally.

SAP Business One solution can manage the entire operation effectively for small to mid-sized businesses. Be it finance and accounting, sales and customer management, or stock control and human resources, SAP B1 can simplify complexities and address all the processes with ease. Let’s go through the key reasons why you should opt for SAP B1 to meet the diverse requirements of your business.

Five Reasons SAP B1 Solution is Beneficial for Your Business

1. Get a Single View

SAP ERP is known for giving an all-round solution. It enables you to get rid of operating various departments in silos or with fragmented data. You can get all the information on a single dashboard. As everyone is on the same page with a single and real-time view of customers, financials, and stock, it is easy to manage all the processes efficiently.

SAP B1 enables your employees to get an access to the corporate data as and when necessary. As your company grows, a consolidated report can save your time and simplify complexity, so that you can keep every process in control.

2. Increase Cash Flow through Automation

SAP Business One not only streamlines the processes but also brings automates. It can consolidate data, increase transparency, and improving visibility. As a result, you can improve the cash flow significantly. With quick invoicing, getting notified in the real-time, and optimizing inventory, you can take your business to the next level. As a result, you can increase ROI in a short duration while reducing operational costs and get a ready access to cash.

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3. Get More Flexibility and Scalability

Mint Jutras report has revealed that fit, functionality, and flexibility are among the top priorities for SMBs when it comes to evaluating ERP solutions. All these three characteristics are some of the biggest strengths of SAP Business One. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot go for a one-size-fits-all solution as they are in growth phase, and therefore, they need a flexible ERP solution like SAP B1. With excellent scalability and flexibility, SAP B1 can accommodate all industry sectors and processes of different departments effectively.

A reputed and reliable SAP partner can also customize the SAP B1 solution to meet your business needs in the best possible way.

4. Deploy in the Cloud or On-premise with Ease

When it comes to the ERP system, the deployment method depends mainly on business requirements. A public or multi-tenant cloud solution might work for some businesses and give them an advantage of the cloud. However, it is possible that some business may not find it suitable. There, SAP B1 offers two options- you can either deploy it in public cloud or in a private cloud.

What’s more, if you want, you can host the system on premise. Simply put, you can choose the option that best suits your business requirements. You can also change your choice in the future if necessary in SAP Business One.

5. Integrate with Warehouse Management

Start-ups and SMBs have smaller warehouse operations. However, they are complex and at times, businesses may not focus on these operations efficiently. Thankfully, SAP B1 solution has built-in warehousing functionality. As your business grows, you can opt for advanced and customizable SAP B1 add-ons to increase productivity of your warehouse while tracking all the activities on a single dashboard. It is easy to employ more complex strategies for picking consignments with automated and paperless scanning system offered by SAP B1. What’s more, SAP B1 supports multiple warehouses, so as your business grows, you can handle all warehouses at once.

What’s more, SAP B1 offers powerful analytics to make informed decision in the real-time. For any SMB, it is crucial to make decisions at the right time to ensure growth amid intensifying competition. Also, the SAP B1 is highly customizable in line with the changing business model and requirements.

Concluding Lines

SAP B1 is particularly designed for SMBs. Since its advent, SAP ERP remains beneficial for businesses worldwide, and SAP B1 has increased these benefits significantly. As a comprehensive yet affordable way to manage your business, you can always count upon SAP B1 solution. All you need to find the right SAP solution provider to make the most of this system.

Silver Touch Technologies is a renowned SAP partner across the world. We provide highly customized SAP B1 Cloud Solution, SAP HANA, SAP mobility solutions, and excellent support services to SMBs across different industry sectors. We also assist you to take your business to a new level by integrating SAP B1 add-ons in your existing SAP B1 solution. Do you want to know more about our services and solutions? Simply send us an email at sap@silvertouch.com. We will get back to you shortly to discuss the scope of SAP B1.