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An enhanced manufacturing industry requires effective planning and strategizing of resources for smooth deployment of inventory, process management and resources. SAP Business One for manufacturing supports all basic requirements of a modern manufacturing business. It provides an integrated, fast and easy solution and all documents and reports needed for decision making for all divisions of medium and small business. In the manufacturing industry, SAP Business One helps in effectively managing bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirements in a centralized ERP system.

Following business functions of Manufacturing Companies are covered in SAP Business One for manufacturing:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Location Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Costing and Quality Management
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Batch Production
  • Compliance and Maintenance
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Product Marketing and Campaigning
  • Purchasing and Planning
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • Yield and Scrap Management
  • Integrated Mobility Solution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Import and Export Management with necessary documents

How SAP Business One Can Help In your Manufacturing Industry

  • Enhanced machine and labor utilization leads to ease in managing the raw materials, resources and end products in lesser time and more efficiency.
  • Manufacturers can respond to changes in market demand and start on projects faster and more effectively as this solution reduces the planning time and improves communication procedure.
  • This solution provides formulaic and secure delivery times thereby allowing the manufacturers in calculating the order margins accurately.
  • The advanced quality controls let manufacturers to quickly adjust to changes in orders and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • SAP B1 for Manufacturing solves the problems caused due to pending or held stocks and pending work.

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Benefits of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

  • Supports light manufacturing, ETO, MTO, process, batch, assembly and mixed-mode manufacturing types
  • Improves efficiency by streamlining entire manufacturing process from production to purchasing
  • Streamlines production and planning for better management
  • Tracks inventory and stock movements in real time
  • Minimizes inventory carrying costs and avoids out-of-stock situations
  • Meets regulatory orders and guidelines to track, manage and report the manufacturing process
  • Calculates and improves the profit margin, resulting in overall business profit
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratio
  • Gains higher machine and labor utilization rates
  • Real time reports helps in quicker and better decision making

Why Silver Touch For SAP Business One Manufacturing?

Silver Touch assures in solving all the principal challenges being faced by the Manufacturing Industry like increasing cost of raw materials, product development, product costing, managing throughput, environmental considerations, waste management and discrepancies in inventory and supply chain management.

How Silver Touch
can Boost Business Growth?

Silver Touch specializes in providing end-to-end SAP Business One and SAP HANA services to enhance business efficiency and improve ROI, resulting in increased business growth.

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