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For decades, Agriculture and Horticulture has been considered as the backbone of the economic system of a country. It is not just limited to the production of food crops and now includes poultry, beekeeping, forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, etc. The industry requires a broad range of tools and techniques for effective farming, Agriculture and Horticulture. Maintaining crop quality, appropriate soil conditions, efficient management of manures and fertilizers, crop processing and promotion are the major pain areas of the agricultural industry today. SAP Agriculture Industry Solution provides a unified system that allows in actively managing all the business operations of a farming unit.

Following business functions of Agriculture and Horticulture are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

  • Sales and Purchase Cycle
    • Sales and Purchase Contracts
  • Soil preparation
    • Season wise forecasting
  • Selection of high-quality seeds and other raw materials
    • Vendor or supplier comparison Reports
  • Project Planning and Budgeting
    • Contracting and Sub-contracting
    • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Alerts and Approvals for the Treatment or any other Activity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Man Power or Resource Allocation
  • Import and Export Operations

How SAP Business One Can Help In your Agriculture and Horticulture Business:

  • This system lets you establish a real-time data sharing system to have a virtuous cycle of the entire processes taking place in the business.
  • With feature of multiple currencies, budgeting, and bank reconciliation, SAP Business One delivers financial and accounting functionality that enables your business to be more efficient and more productive.
  • Predict demand based on forecasting – not simply on history and received orders – by using the demand forecast feature in the MRP wizard. Forecast calculations can help you visualize demand for your product and adjust material planning accordingly.
  • This system can manage and maintain supplier or vendor related activities.
  • SAP Business One delivers CRM as part of the solution, with ensuring full control of customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability for your business. Complete and integrated business functions across marketing, sales, purchase and service provides end-to-end visibility for the complete life cycle.
  • Manages material contracts over their life cycle period, including pricing other terms.
  • It provides with a management platform for performance and inventory management thereby helping your company grow.
  • Manages master data, serial numbers and codes, price lists with group, as well as define alternative items, inventory increase or decrease adjustments, execute cycle counts, and generate lists for open sales orders.
  • A unique combined mobile platform that comes as a feature in this solution helps in shortening the sales cycle and quicker customer delivery.
  • It allows you to perform profit and cost analysis by doing frequent analysis and comparison of processes taking place in the entire business cycle.
  • It provides seamless integration between all your business functions including workflow, finance, 3rd party software and reports and documents.

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Benefits of SAP Agriculture Industry Solution:

  • Multi-dimensional accounting system
  • Ensures safety and quality of agricultural products
  • Real-time report analysis and planning
  • Ideal for all of their business within a single, robust, modern business management solution
  • Grow profitability and sustainability, with supporting visibility of materials
  • Transparent information management system enhances business operations
  • Flexible support for integration with 3rd party system

Why Silver Touch Technologies?

Enhance all your business needs by implementing SAP solution offered by Silver Touch that has been designed keeping in mind all the pain areas experienced by the Agriculture and Horticulture industry like soil conditions, pest control techniques and manures and fertilizers management, QA, project planning and budgeting.

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Silver Touch specializes in providing end-to-end SAP Business One and SAP HANA services to enhance business efficiency and improve ROI, resulting in increased business growth.

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