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How SAP Business One contributes to Successful Project Management

Published: Aug 11, 2021  |   | 
SAP Business One

Project management plays a crucial role in the growth of any enterprise. In this challenging time, enterprises, irrespective of their business models can stay ahead of the curve with robust project management practices. In this blog, we are going to discuss how a reliable and enterprise-friendly ERP software SAP Business One manages all projects effectively in one system. But, before moving ahead, let’s go through the key objectives of project management.

Importance of Project Management in Modern Enterprises
Project management is not limited to assigning and monitoring tasks. These days, project management has multiple roles to play in enterprises across different industry verticals. Effective project management can handle all transactions, activities or processes, and resources. It is possible to make informed decisions in real-time and bring more flexibility to the company with the help of project management.

Other major benefits of project management include more accountability, transparency, and on-time project completion. It can give companies a competitive edge over peers and assist to save big on resources and money. These days, start-ups and SMEs are looking for integrated project management software with user-friendly features to stay ahead of the curve. SAP Business One can meet this need by offering an inexpensive alternative to the Add-ons.

How Project Management in SBO standard includes various areas of enterprises?
Project Management for SAP Business One has an integrated ERP solution for SMEs with cost-effective software. It also allows mobile data access to enable entrepreneurs and project managers to monitor all business processes on the move. Both web and mobile versions of the standard Project Management system in SAP Business One can perform the following functions-

  • Evaluation of various business reports
  • Ensure uniform administration of business partners
  • Enhance transparency in processes and costs
  • Perform process management in one place

SAP Business One Project Management is specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of small and mid-sized service companies that are engaged in various projects. It offers the complete workflow under a uniform UI. Users can easily perform various tasks related to project management including data entry, invoicing, and financial analysis with the help of the Project Management software of SAP B1. 

With up-to-date access to all necessary information and real-time data, project managers can make informed decisions instantly and meet the deadlines for every project. Let’s understand the core functions of SAP Business One Project Management in brief.

Key Functions of SAP B1 Project Management
The Project Management software can perform multiple functions at once. As a centralized master data administration, it assists users to plan and execute projects. They can easily remain updated with the project statuses and manage tasks efficiently. The system also enables authorized users to get direct access to corporate information at any point. For example, it is possible to go to the project contract from the invoice to trace the incurred costs.

Major functions of SAP Business One Project Management are-

Phase Structure-based Planning
The planning is verified after placing the order. Here, project management offers bid planning, initial planning, and approved bid planning as per necessity. Project managers can structure complex projects by dividing them into phases in line with hierarchical levels.

Quotation Management
Project management enables users to see preliminary costing based on resource pools, items, travel costs, and the number of employees. They can convert the cost into an offer, which is further processed within the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Easy Access to Data
The comprehensive master data management system of SAP B1 enables users to plan, calculate, update, manage, and execute projects by keeping employees in the loop. Mobile access to corporate data is an added advantage for companies.

High Flexibility
Project Management also enables users to access GANTT planning alternatively. All the phases of the project and the over planning of individual employees are marked clearly and graphically in the GANTT diagram. This functionality aims at offering more flexibility in the adaptation of the Project management software.

Effective Data Exchange
The project management has a bidirectional connection to let users plan values and resources as per the necessity. All the values and resources can be synchronized at any time using a definable import or export interface. Users can also transfer the actual values from the service entry.

Activity Recording
Precise activity recording can provide accurate data to companies. In SAP Business One solution, employees can easily record hourly work by specifying the start and end times for the allocated tasks. Hour entry is simple and based on different working time models and rules. Companies can customize it with country-specific holidays and other leaves of the respective employees. The confirmation of hours can assist the project managers in further planning.

Activity Allocation
Users can carry out an allocation of services and travel costs between internal profit centers or independent business units at the push of a button. Project Management enables users to allocate activities internally and externally.

Anytime Access
Whether it is an individual project or a planned project, current projects or past projects, it is possible to access all the data anytime with a Project Management solution. It offers freely configurable reports in the desired layout with a single click. Users can get real-time data regarding project turnover, employee hours, comparison of target hours to current hours, degree of completion, and the like at any time. Also, it is possible to set up a proper authorization for specific reports to safeguard sensitive information.

Support Desk
The Web Client Support Desk is designed to record, prioritize, comment, and following inquiries or suggestions for improvement. The processing time of support tickets is recorded on it. Users can put inputs of new support requests or track the processing status via a portal with ease.

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