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Significance of SAP Business One for Companies in Pandemic Age

Published: Oct 18, 2021  |   | 
SAP Business One

The pandemic has affected start-ups and SMEs more than any other adverse situation in recent decades. Subsequent lockdowns and norms like social distancing have brought a catastrophic impact on businesses. Small businesses are striving to manage everything and their struggle will continue in the post-pandemic age as well. Luckily, some SMBs have been able to survive the challenges of the pandemic by taking proactive steps, including the implementation of SAP Business One ERP.

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, most governments instituted national lockdowns. The impact of the pandemic was so swift and spontaneous that many businesses, which failed to take proactive steps, were collapsed. Now that the effects of COVID-19 have been around us for over a year, many SMBs are facing challenges related to survival. In this turbulent time, SAP Business One (SAP B1) can help them remain firm amid challenges.

HOW SAP Business One Assists SMBs to Survive and Thrive In this pandemic age, it is essential for businesses to make informed decisions instantly. SAP Business One makes it possible by improving the visibility of different departments and showing actionable insights in sales, inventory, CRM, and financials. SAP B1 is categorically designed for small businesses, and therefore, all of its tools are available in a single, easy-to-use application. There is no need to install any platform or buying hardware to use SAP B1.

Some of the top business benefits of SAP Business One include-

Cloud Advantage

There is no point in storing information on premise. In this COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses are forced to implement a WFH or remote working practice. Even after this pandemic when life somewhat returns to normal, many companies intend to keep this norm continue for various reasons. In such a scenario, SAP Business One Cloud lends a helping hand. It can make remote working seamless and productive for organizations. What’s more, as the risk of cyberattacks is increased significantly across the world, cloud-based data can enable decision-makers to make decisions anytime and from anywhere.

SAP Business One cloud also keeps the business ready for the future by providing higher flexibility and scalability. With a cloud-based solution, it is possible to store and access corporate data as the size of the organization increases.

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Higher Efficiency 

Efficiency and agility are crucial for ensuring the growth of your business. Businesses that can make decisions quickly and show agility in adjusting their processes to respond to current conditions can survive this challenging time. SAP ERP solutions are designed to create an environment where all the areas of business can remain in a single thread. It eliminates the possibility of repetitive data entry. You can reduce the errors because the data remains in one place and decision-makers can focus more on making quick decisions.

SAP Business One keeps on expanding and advancing to meet the most recent business needs. Many Fortune 500 companies have put trust in this robust platform. As an owner of a small or mid-sized business, you can also rely on its capability for increasing efficiency and productivity.

More Visibility

With SAP B1, small and mid-sized businesses can track their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) easily. This ERP platform has several tools and interactive dashboards that enhance the visibility of data significantly. Users can create alerts and dashboards are capable of monitoring the data points necessary to maintain the company’s financial health. Enhanced visibility can streamline the decision-making process of the organization thereby accelerating the pace of giving response to any challenges. Without live alerts or dashboards, it is difficult to make decisions in real-time.

As the market trends and the customer’s expectations are changing rapidly in this pandemic age, you need more visibility in business operations to survive and thrive.

Centralized Approach

SAP Business One has a comprehensive and interactive dashboard on which you can see real-time reports as well as the history of transactions, sales, financials, audits, and inventory. One of the biggest business benefits of SAP Business One solution is its centralized approach. Irrespective of industry sectors, this solution works seamlessly for streamlining various processes and keeping businesses ready for the future.

Concluding Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. In this couple of years starting from 2020, we have seen the most challenging time in the economy. A report of the Tokenist has shown troubling trends in the SMB sector with numerous instances of defaults. In such a scenario, SAP Business One can assist small and mid-sized businesses in multiple ways and give them the strength to survive.

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