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Advantages of SAP Business One for Pharma and Life Science Industry

Published: Mar 30, 2022  |   | 
SAP Business One for Pharma and Life Science

Most companies have as their main objective to attract customers to make sales. For pharmaceutical and Life Science industries, which have the challenge of delivering these sales, it is even more necessary to have resources that facilitate the processes. Mostly in secondary sales for Distributors.

In today's article, we will talk a little about the benefits of using SAP Business One for Pharma and the Life Science Industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Market Trends

The pharmaceutical industry has been growing considerably in recent months. With the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the revenue of the pharmaceutical niche exceeded billions of rupees.

These numbers, however, represent the sector's need to invest in a quality supply, guaranteeing the safety of products and the health of the population.

To carry out this activity, it is necessary to make good planning of operations. A distributor needs to have a structure capable of storing a large number of medicines hygienically and having resources to improve management and optimize internal processes.

Is your company prepared for the future?

In the months of the pandemic, the distribution of medicines became an even more competitive market, and the trend is that the sector will continue to grow in the coming years.

Given this scenario, it is necessary to devise strategies to achieve good business partnerships, competitive prices, and profitability in the face of competition.

But what strategies are these? How can SAP Business One help industries? We'll talk about it.

How does SAP Business One work in the pharmaceutical industry?

SAP Business One is a tool widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, however, many managers still do not know about it, or even do not believe that it may be necessary for their business.

This is SAP's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, or Integrated Management System) for small and medium-sized companies, which are growing. It offers complete and standardized management for all areas of a business, through features that are easy to understand and use.

Having this system operating to facilitate drug distribution is no longer a luxury or additional service: it is extremely necessary and is already part of the routine of distributors who do not want to be left behind.

We brought some of the biggest benefits of having this platform for Pharma:

Eliminates manual processes

Through Artificial Intelligence, the SAP Business One platform helps the organization eliminate manual processes, avoiding possible human errors.

By digitizing and optimizing these processes, the chances of errors are eliminated and, in this way, the company's production becomes faster and safer, and the team becomes able to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Reduces operations time and costs

When managers manage to solve most of the adversities through the correct use of an Artificial Intelligence platform, which centralizes operations, it is possible to identify waste and reduce unnecessary costs. This cost reduction directly affects the company's profitability.

Optimizes the flow of information within the company

Every manager needs to access relevant and reliable information to have a holistic view of operations, monitor each stage of operations, project an overview, and outline strategies, which allows for improvements in decision making.

With the SAP Business One system, updated reports are generated by the platform, bringing automation of tasks, assertiveness, transparency, and security in the information obtained, ensuring the company's productivity and success.

Count on the services of SILVER TOUCH

A drug distributor needs a fast, safe and effective delivery operation to close important partnerships and boost its business.

SAP Business One has been “Exclusively” implemented by Silver Touch for Pharma & life sciences Industry with BMR & Packing Management, Production, Inprocess Quality Management with parameters which helps in delivering the solution a “Perfect Fit” for Pharma Industry. It is a complete and ideal Integrated Management System for your company, as it was developed especially for the needs of managers, with different modules for structuring, controlling, and measuring the different areas of the company.

How helping Life Science Industries meet the challenge of disruption

The market turbulence caused by COVID-19 has contributed to disruptions in all facets of life sciences organizations, including the pressure to act, transform and respond quickly, all at the same time. Staying competitive and meeting patient demands requires life sciences organizations to find new ways of working.

Silver Touch has identified common trends and technology capabilities required in the life sciences industry to respond to disruption. Silver Touch Intelligent Life Sciences offering and industry knowledge can support your company in addressing these changes in SAP offerings. Here are some industry resource data points:

  1. 47% of consumers believe AI should be used to diagnose illnesses and administer medications
  2. Currently, 50% of the drug channel companies listed in the S&P 500 in 2008 are still listed today
  3. Average spending of nearly $14,000 per individual annually on health care in the US from 2015 to 2020

Silver Touch's value-oriented approach

Our value-oriented approach is specifically designed for the life sciences industry and tailored to the client's business needs, ambitions, with an emphasis on:

Defining a clear roadmap

This paves the way forward for every organization, whether it's embarking on a complete transformation, upgrading from a previous implementation, or somewhere in between. The Silver Touch team approach can track business benefits from inception to launch and build company-wide buy-in for change.

Delivery Acceleration

Our Intelligent Transformation Platform (ITP), which includes a comprehensive set of tools that drive value-focused services, using automation to streamline and accelerate system build, test, and data migration, helps accelerate delivery.

Jump-start implementation with Silver Touch Intelligent Life Sciences

Based on SAP best practices, our offering features all Silver Touch processes in finance, manufacturing, quality, and supply chain.

Put people at the center

With this approach, we are engaging the business throughout the project to achieve sustainable and successful change.

Bring the entire Silver Touch organization together

We are taking a comprehensive approach to the business, from tax, supply chain, climate change, and sustainability, to unlock greater business benefits from the transformation. The typical goal is to harmonize and simplify processes and systems to help maximize business benefits and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal business disruption.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about SAP Business One, and how it can boost your Pharma and Life Science Industry distribution!