8 Key Advantages of SAP Business One HANA


SAP HANA happens to be the in-memory computing platform for SAP Business One. The most prominent feature of this platform includes supercharging the application performance for speed. In addition, it facilitates the analysis of massive data on a real-time basis.
SAP HANA is an effective platform that has helped eliminate various layers of unnecessary business expenses and other complexities usually associated with legacy IT architecture. Therefore, it allows running a business in a faster, simpler, and smarter way.

Advantages of SAP HANA

SAP Business One on HANA advantages include the following:

Real-Time Data Access
These days’ businesses produce unlimited megabytes of data every day. The trick is to convert such data into useful information and prepare reports.
Having access to critical information on or almost real-time basis can help a business firm achieve a competitive advantage. If not, businesses might suffer a loss. The most significant benefit of SAP HANA is less guesswork and more data-driven decisions.
The probability of making a decision based on outdated information and any negative business impact is greatly reduced. Rather, the forecasting ability improves considerably. Overall, it becomes possible to take any action with SAP HANA based on what the information is indicating at this very moment.

Improved Responsiveness
It is no secret that the importance of an effective customer service strategy lies in delighting the existing customers and drawing up new business.
Currently, customers have become increasingly impatient, and they expect a fast response from the companies. However, if that does not happen, they are most likely to switch to other companies if the response time is too high.
There are a lot of factors that might have an impact on the average response time. The number of steps involved, difficulty in communicating, collaboration with other teams, absolute ticket volumes, frequency of complex issues that routinely take longer to solve.
SAP HANA helps to tackle these challenges efficiently and can also lead to effective ways to improve customer responsiveness. SAP HANA is most effective at striking a good balance between speed and quality. However, since it facilitates clear communication, the expected wait and resolution time can be effectively managed. Most importantly, SAP HANA can help set the right expectations with customers. It would greatly help the customer gain trust in your brand and help build up customer loyalty while handling various communication channels.

Data protection
Business insight is almost spontaneous, and organizations are better prepared to utilize information and use it immediately. SAP HANA offers the best data security, allowing users to enjoy the highest level of privacy. It allows you to set authorization for specific users so that only certain people can access sensitive business data. Authentication and data encryption offers an added layer of protection.

Out of The Box Functionality
Out of the box, capabilities include pre-formatted reports and dashboards. Such out-of-the-box applications can probably handle standard business processes. However, SAP HANA can extend unique business processes that might benefit from a customer solution. So, instead of picking either/or, it is better to go for the most cost-effective business combination. And, SAP HANA provides the same. Moreover, it happens to be the solution having the exact features that fit with out-of-the-box functionality.

Offer Point of Recovery
Your data is automatically backed up to disk. Even if there’s a power failure or a system breakdown, SAP HANA will replay all the entries you had logged before the failure. It also has a recovery system database where the data you have backed up can be recovered easily if it gets lost due to a system failure or other issues.

Protection from Ransomware Attack
SAP HANA can prevent ransomware attacks, which is one of the best SAP Business One on Hana advantages, by detecting suspicious activities, neutralizing threats, and implementing authentication and authorization systems that do not let any third-party access your data without permission.

Interactive Reports
SAP HANA allows having interactive reports. The advantages of interactive reports are apparent. For end-user viewing and analysis, it can do active exploration rather than passive consumption. Whenever required, a business manager can conduct an in-depth analysis. It will be possible to conduct an in-depth analysis. People can click to drill down for more specific information.
SAP HANA allows drilling down charts or tables to other charts and tables. Therefore, the drill-down relationship includes chart to chart, chart to the table, and table to table. It can help to understand your needs clearly and then see how it can help you organize and transform data into value.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
SAP HANA helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). It does so by consolidating supply chain sources. Reduction of cost is critical for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). SAP HANA allows exploring various aspects of how the OEM procures and stores. That way, it is possible to streamline these processes to reduce the total cost of ownership. It will lead to financial savings, and it also has the added advantage of helping to improve lead time and increase staff productivity. That way, it will be possible to deliver the goods or services more reliably. Going ahead, it will be possible to deliver the output more reliably. Thus, the probability of the reputation of the company going up.
These were the top SAP Business One on Hana advantages. SAP HANA also helps to consolidate the supply chain. It helps to cut down on all unwanted resources and unnecessary risks. Information plays a vital role in business. However, this work has been considered full of boring reports for a long time. Interactive reports have been recognized as boring for a long time. The best solution available for this is SAP HANA.

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