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Importance of ERP System for Streamlining Business Processes

Published: Nov 15, 2022  |   | 
importance of ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system plays a crucial role in driving business toward growth. On one hand, it streamlines and automates several processes and on the other hand, it enhances overall productivity by offering real-time reports on various operations. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of ERP systems in modern businesses.

An ERP system is nothing short of the brain of your company’s business system. It integrates all departments of your company including HR, accounting, marketing, sales, and product development. You can increase operational efficiency and visibility while reducing costs with the help of a customized ERP system. Let’s dig deep into the importance of an ERP system with SAP Business One.

Importance of ERP in Business

A feature-rich ERP software can manage many functions effectively. You can count on a robust ERP system for handling daily operations and reaching your business goals. Let’s discuss the top factors that show the importance of ERP in any business irrespective of its size and location.

/Importance of ERP in Business


An ERP system brings and supports centralization. In other words, all the information from every department is stored in a database that is accessible through an ERP system. The database can give a single point of information to your company and contributes to reducing the chances of human errors by improving collaboration. Also, a centralized database can reduce hesitation as all team members can get access to the data they need at once. Secure and accurate data can enable your team to work on multiple projects simultaneously.


An ERP solution can handle multiple tasks including timesheet tracking, order processing, and reporting. Such tedious tasks can take a lot of time for employees, but with an ERP system in place, you can automate them to increase overall productivity. A database-powered ERP software can enable your business system to perform advanced calculations and manage all the redundant tasks. In a way, you can increase your staff’s efficiency and get a higher ROI in a short time with more profitability.


ERP can store and record all corporate data as a business intelligence (BI) tool. It makes it easier for your in-house teams to get various reports. Even your sales and marketing teams can get access to these insights on the move with the help of an ERP system. Most ERP solutions have customizable, interactive dashboards that can show reports of all types quickly. As a result, the management or your team can make informed decisions with ease. Also, the reporting feature can be managed as per your hierarchy level so that only authorized persons can see valuable corporate data.

  Money Saving

This is the most important benefit of an ERP system. Though ERP implementation needs a big investment, you can save a lot of money after implementation. A reliable ERP solution provider can integrate customized ERP software into your business system and you can start saving a lot of time and effort in accomplishing projects. ERP unifies all the fragmented processes and your staff can easily leverage the benefits of a centralized system for accessing data and collaborating with one another. As a result, the efficiency of your employees can be increased over the period and you can get a higher ROI.

  Customer Experience

These days, customers tend to find almost everything online. Whether it is an advice or any sort of idea, all things are available on the Internet. Talking about shopping, a survey has revealed that as many as 84 percent of consumers rely upon online reviews as much as they do so on a friend. Here, the significance of ERP lies in CRM integration. An integrated CRM not only shows you sales details and bills but also gives you more understanding of the customer’s needs and expectations. You can come up with a sales strategy that can improve the customer’s experience by fulfilling their requirements.

  Inventory Monitoring

Most companies face the major challenge of monitoring inventory and warehouse activities. An ERP system, with barcoding and other features, can keep tabs on inventory at every level and assist you to maintain a supply chain. You can also track inventory at different warehouses at once and manage the ordering process with ease. Effective inventory monitoring can also assist you to maintain the stock and make audits of available items at the warehouse as and when necessary. You can get real-time data on inventory to make meaningful decisions.

Why Do Companies Implement ERP Systems?

Today, a challenging business scenario and growing competition compel companies to increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining a high quality of services and products. Here, an ERP system lends a helping hand by streamlining business processes, automating several daily tasks, and increasing overall visibility. Though different companies can leverage the advantages of ERP systems in different ways, here we mention four major reasons why companies opt for a customized ERP solution.

Implement ERP Systems

  Stay Updated

ERP systems are flexible, scalable, and upgrade-friendly. All these characteristics are necessary to drive growth for your business. An ERP system can transform the legacy business system to increase both productivity and profitability. Also, emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and Big Data can be easily integrated with the ERP solution so that your business can remain updated with the latest trends. Altogether, you can take your company to a new level with the help of an ERP system.

  Get Single System

A tailored ERP solution can manage all core areas of your business. Let’s understand this with the example of a manufacturing ERP. It has modules for different departments including human resources, inventory management, purchasing management, sales management, product management, and quality management to handle all the daily activities effectively. You can get a single system for managing multiple tasks at once. It further results in saving time and effort as well as reducing the chances of data errors.

  Analyze Data

An Enterprise Resource Planning solution facilitates you to collect and analyze data from different departments of your company. You can access company data from one database through many devices. It means that all your stakeholders can access the data as and when necessary. A reliable ERP solution provider can add the necessary functionality to make data analysis more powerful for your company.

  Streamline Workflow

Companies tend to assess which processes and workflows can be automated and managed by the ERP system. The importance of ERP system lies in its ability to support industry best practices while streamlining the workflow. An ERP system can certainly increase the organization’s productivity by reducing the time and effort of employees. You can easily meet the demands of business partners, customers, and other stakeholders while keeping your employees happy and stress-free.

Find the Right ERP for Your Organization

Here it is necessary to mention that you need to find the right ERP to leverage all these benefits. You can determine business objectives and identify requirements before implementing an ERP solution. Today, many options are available in the market to meet your business needs, but then, you need to find the most suitable solution to get a high ROI. You can compare the features and benefits of available ERP systems in line with your business requirements and goals.

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Silver Touch is a renowned SAP Partner and a reputed ERP solutions provider. Since our inception, we assist our esteemed global clientele to leverage the benefits of tailored ERP software. You can get the most suitable ERP solution with desired features and add-ons with a seamless performance from Silver Touch Technologies.

Do You Know?

Adoption Rate of ERP Solutions

ERP solution gains ground swiftly in the corporate world. Here are some interesting stats that support the statement.

The ERP software market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to reach USD 26 billion by 2026

53 percent of businesses consider ERP and CRM as their priority investments

Adoption of ERP software in mid-sized businesses had grown at a CAGR of 8.27 percent from 2020

The global ERP software market is expected to reach USD 105.26 billion by 2022

Conclusion of Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning

Some business persons may argue that ERP implementation cost is high, but the importance of an ERP system outweighs this cost and effort. All you need to choose the right ERP solution for your enterprise. You can make a roadmap for ERP implementation that includes the required features, objectives, and issues that you want to solve. You can consult a reputed ERP solutions provider with the roadmap to leverage the benefits of an ERP system more effectively.

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FAQs about Cloud ERP Software

Why is ERP important for business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can streamline and automate business processes while offering real-time insights to stakeholders for making meaningful decisions.

What are the benefits of ERP for small businesses?

Some of the noteworthy benefits of ERP include increased data security, improved customer services, reduced operational costs, and enhanced business reporting.

What Is the Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning?

As a robust business software an ERP can streamline processes with complete visibility. An ERP solution can collect, store, and analyze the corporate data and offer real-time information.

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