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What is SAP SuccessFactors : Transforming Human Capital Management

SAP SuccessFactors is a top-tier Cloud HCM software that is made to handle all aspects of employee lifecycle management. This cloud-based HCM solution handles everything from hiring and onboarding to evaluating employee performance. As your SAP SuccessFactors consultant, we at Silver Touch bring you a wealth of expertise in deploying these high-performance HCM solutions.

Businesses adopting SAP SuccessFactors aren’t just enhancing their HR processes; they are paving the way for a more strategic and future-oriented HR management approach. It is designed to foster an environment where every employee feels engaged, valued, and contributes to the overall business strategy.

Why SAP SuccessFactors

Unleashing the Power of SAP SuccessFactors Features

Employee Central

This is the core of SAP SuccessFactors. It creates a digital HR hub, managing and optimizing core HR processes like payroll, time management, and employee benefits.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Streamlines recruitment, candidate management, and new hire onboarding, ensuring you attract and retain the best talent.

Learning & Development

Fosters a culture of continuous learning, skill development, and performance enhancement.

Performance & Goals

Drives alignment of employee objectives with business goals, ensuring continuous improvement and growth.

Succession & Development

Plans for future leadership and talent pipeline, ensuring your business continuity.

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors

The benefits of implementing SAP SuccessFactors in your organization are manifold:

Enhanced Decision Making

Through real-time data analytics, you can make informed decisions that foster growth.

Increased Employee Engagement

Empowering employees with self-service tools boosts morale and productivity.

Streamlined Processes

Automated HR processes free up time for strategic activities.

Reduced Costs

Cloud-based solutions reduce overheads and IT infrastructure costs.

Global Compliance

Stay compliant with global HR regulations and localized best practices.

  • Customized Approach
    We at Silver Touch recognize that every business is different and has its own set of challenges, objectives, and culture. We carefully analyze your business needs and build a SAP SuccessFactors solution that meets your strategic goals
  • Expertise and Experience
    Our extensive background with SAP SuccessFactors service implementations has given us the knowledge and expertise to handle any problems that may arise during the process. To make sure your move to SAP SuccessFactors goes off without a hitch, we’ll use the proven techniques that we’ve developed over the years.
  • Dedicated Support
    To make sure your team is ready to make the most of SAP SuccessFactors after implementation, we offer ongoing support and training. Our dedicated support services aim to resolve any technical issues quickly, minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • Return on Investment
    As a leading provider of SAP SuccessFactors services, we are committed to maximizing your company’s ROI. We assist you in getting the most out of your SAP SuccessFactors solutions by improving HR operations, raising employee morale, and increasing output.

Why Choose Silver Touch’s SAP SuccessFactors Services?

When you opt for Silver Touch, you’re partnering with a team that offers more than just technical expertise. You’re choosing an ally who is committed to ensuring your business’s success.

Our Suite of SAP SuccessFactors Services

  • Employee Central

    Empower your HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors’ cloud-based HCM software, Employee Central. Seamlessly integrating HR transactions, processes, and data, it forms the backbone of your workforce management.

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  • Recruitment & Onboarding

    Maximize your talent acquisition potential with Silver Touch and SAP SuccessFactors. Leverage the Recruitment & Onboarding modules to attract and hire the perfect candidates, streamlining job postings, applicant tracking, and screening.

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  • Learning & Development

    Enhance employee learning and development with SAP SuccessFactors’ cloud-based Learning & Development module. This comprehensive solution provides robust learning management capabilities, catering to compliance training, skill development.

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  • Performance & Goals

    Elevate your HR management with effective employee performance management using the Performance & Goals module of SAP SuccessFactors. Drive excellence, enhance productivity, and achieve organizational success with our tailored approach.

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  • Compensation & Benefits

    Unlocking Employee Satisfaction: Designing Competitive Compensation and Benefits Packages with SAP SuccessFactors. Trust Silver Touch to Tailor the Perfect Solution for Your Organization’s Success

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How Silver Touch
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Silver Touch specializes in providing end-to-end SAP Business One and SAP HANA services to enhance business efficiency and improve ROI, resulting in increased business growth.

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