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SAP Sees Future in Clouds – Investing 500 Crore Rupees in India

Published: Oct 18, 2021  |   | 
SAP Sees Future in Clouds – Investing 500 Crore Rupees in India

Accelerating Strategy- SAP Sees Opportunities in Cloud Adoption

A global business software giant SAP has cleared its intentions of adopting the cloud technology after acquiring AppGyver, a ‘no-code’ development platform specialist, in February 2021. AppGyver makes it possible for users to build web apps without having the knowledge of coding.

Why this deal is important?

The AppGyver deal is in line with SAP’s latest product known as RISE, which is aimed at supporting clients to shift their existing enterprise applications to a cloud environment. RISE or Business Transformation as a Service is a cloud-based platform that facilitates corporate clients to transform their business processes in the most suitable way.

Before launching RISE, SAP SE has developed SAP Cloud Platform as a platform-as-a-service for creating new applications or expanding the scope of existing applications in a secure cloud computing environment.

Trending- SAP to Invest INR 500 Crore in India

Recently SAP has announced that it has a plan to invest INR 500 crore in India for accelerating its multi-cloud strategy in the country and make multiple cloud solutions available in its India-based data centers. This move will bring a new milestone for SAP in the cloud technology domain as the company can serve local customers better through this investment.

Scott Russell, global head for customer success at SAP, has said that this India investment is centered around delivering transformation in the cloud.

This recent announcement shows that SAP sees new scale and opportunities in adopting cloud technology.