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Revolutionize Manufacturing with Cloud-Based MRP Software in India

Published: Dec 8, 2023  |   | 
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Inventory management and material requirement planning (MRP) are two sides of the same coin! Both are part of ERP systems and serve a similar objective of managing raw materials. In this post, we will dig deep into the importance and benefits of MRP software in India for various industry sectors. Let’s start with finding the answer to the question- what is MRP software? Read on.

MRP or material resource planning is the process of keeping track of manufacturing materials that companies have on hand. Cloud-based MRP software can give businesses real-time information about the situation of material resources. Companies can use this information for planning for manufacturing or production. Let’s start with the scope of MRP software or which industries can use MRP software.

Who uses Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software?

As the name suggests, MRP software is useful for managing raw materials. However, it is fair to mention that all enterprises that need inventory management systems may not require MRP production planning software. Usually, the manufacturing sector needs a comprehensive MRP system to deal with unique challenges. Businesses that engage in purchasing and reselling products opt only for inventory management software.

How MRP Software Makes Resource Planning Simple for Manufacturers

The best MRP software can serve many purposes including inventory management, material requirements planning, and other related processes. In other words, MRP software can make resource planning simple for manufacturers and enable them to get rid of understock or overstock situations.

Is It Feasible to Keep Manufacturing Business Thrive without MRP Software?

If you want to keep your manufacturing business up and running, you need cloud-based MRP software in India. The rise in direct-to-consumer manufacturing makes it possible for small and medium manufacturing units to grab new opportunities. However, manufacturers have to deal with several challenges to grab these opportunities. Here, MRP software can lend a helping hand. You can scale, manage, and prioritize, operations with ease using the MRP solution.

A robust cloud MRP software can improve the visibility of your inventory, eliminate waste products, reduce costs, and enhance planning. Let’s understand how this software can enhance the visibility of inventory.

Cloud MRP Software Provides full Visibility of your Inventory

Material Costs: You can track material costs in real-time to maintain accurate pricing and identify potential cost savings.

Material Availability: You can ensure sufficient materials are on hand for ongoing production with real-time monitoring of in-process and expected stock levels.

Production Alerts: You can receive real-time alerts for raw material needs and shortages to prevent delays and ensure smooth operations.

Data Visualization: You can get clear visualizations on intuitive dashboards for easy analysis and informed decision-making.

Feature-rich MRP Software for Small Businesses

Prioritize Requirements: Avoid stockouts by prioritizing material needs based on real-time data on production urgency and expected material availability.

Real-time Monitoring: Track on-hand, committed, and expected stock levels in real-time for all materials across multiple warehouses.

Product Management: Manage product variants and their associated materials efficiently in a single, centralized system.

Resource Monitoring: Optimize resource utilization by monitoring your resources and inventory across multiple locations.

Barcode Scanning: Streamline inventory management and ensure data accuracy with the ability to scan various barcode types including supplier item codes and internal codes.

What can MRP Software Do?

An advanced MRP production planning software can offer many benefits to manufacturers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless and efficient processes. Here are the three ways MRP software can help manufacturers in India and abroad.

  Tracking Input and Output

MRP software can accurately track both the raw materials entering your production line and the finished goods flowing out. This comprehensive monitoring helps manufacturers identify any discrepancies or inefficiencies.

  Managing Material Supplies and Calculating Potential Output

Cloud-based MRP software can track material supplies to ensure consistent supply and avoid production halts. Moreover, it can calculate the potential output based on available materials and enable manufacturers to predict production capacity accurately.

  Consolidating Information and Creating Bills of Materials (BOMs):

MRP software for small businesses can serve as a central hub for all your production data. It consolidates information from various sources to give a clear and detailed picture of the entire operation. This consolidated data then forms the foundation for generating bills of materials (BOMs).

These are the important ways by which MRP software can empower manufacturers to achieve optimal production efficiency, minimize waste, and maximize profitability.

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What is the Importance of the Best MRP Software?

Material resource planning software is similar to inventory management software. However, their functions differ significantly. On one hand, inventory management focuses on tracking and storing existing materials, and on the other hand, MRP can simplify the complexities related to raw materials. It acts like a miniature ERP system, optimizing operations on a specific scale.

MRP software in India can handle the unique challenges of the manufacturing sector. It analyzes factors like production time, component usage, and cost differences for each component. Manually tracking each component, output, and cost would be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone. This is where MRP software comes into the picture with real-time tracking.

What are the Benefits of (good) MRP Software?

The best MRP software can assist manufacturers in making insightful decisions based on real-time data. It can also help companies in proactive production planning and optimum resource planning to get the desired output. It can save both effort and time for manufacturers while bringing complete transparency, accuracy, and automation in the business system.

However, proper implementation of the MRP software is essential. Therefore, manufacturers should not fall into the trap of cheap MRP software and implement tailored software from a reputed company.

How Does SAP Silver Touch Help?

Silver Touch Technologies renowned ERP consulting services provider, we offer tailor-made ERP software for small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide. Our end-to-end services can ensure that your company gets the best MRP software with proper implementation and maintenance with 24x7 technical assistance. Our in-house team of experienced professionals can help you make the most of MRP software in India cost-effectively.

Concluding Remarks

Material requirements planning (MRP) software emerges as a powerful tool for manufacturers. It provides real-time insights, streamlines production, and manages materials effectively to ensure growth of your manufacturing company. An MRP solution with the desired features can help you reduce operational costs and wastages. A manufacturing company can increase productivity and output, eliminate delays, and improve decision-making with the help of the right MRP software.